The never-ending passion of the Zegna Family for tennis is the key inspiration for a multifaceted summer wardrobe rooted in the stylish versatility that characterizes the tennis universe. To celebrate the theme of the season Z ZEGNA has decided to appoint for the first time an official face for the brand: Alexander Zverev, the youngest tennis player in the ATP top 20 and currently ranked number 3 in the world.
Z ZEGNA combines performance-backed tailoring with sportswear to reinterpret the very courts that have made tennis history. Spectators are invited to take their seats, creating a collage of pastel shades and graphics, enhanced and contrasted with vivid saturated tones. Ultra-fine stretch nylon and maxi mesh play with layered transparency.
Players exchange on their arrival the stylish comfort of their TECHMERINOTM WASH & GO wardrobe of deconstructed jackets, bombers, raincoat and tailored drawstring pants for the high-performance TECHMERINOTM tennis wear necessary for their movement in the coming match. Cobalt, TECHMERINOTM red, sky blue, yellow and natural woolen white detailed with the new TECHMERINOTM stripe and logo inspired by the Zegna Archive are the colors of choice on court. On the other side, vibrant summer tones of turquoise, aquamarine and Tropea pink together with navy, vibrant blue, and grey identify the TECHMERINOTM WASH & GO wardrobe, backed by Z ZEGNA’s innovative approach to wash-and-wear convenience. The resilient wool fibers and unique finishing technique means the Wash&Go wardrobe holds its shape, and can be worn and washed, again and again.
Silhouettes are layered, lengthened and light with volume that is softened and rounded. Tailoring is structured in fabrics but deconstructed in form with fitted blazers combining with widened shorts layered over techno logo leggings.
Even the accessories are match-worthy, starting with sun visors, tennis cuffs and TECHMERINOTM hair bands all the way to the iconic new “CAULERA sneaker”, named in honor of the Oasi Zegna tennis court built in 1956 by Ermenegildo Zegna in the area of the Oasi Zegna called in the same way.
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