VERSACE Fine Jewellery Presents THE GORGON CLAW Collection


The evolution of the Versace style demonstrates a perfect balance between the classic and the modern. Strong lines and elegant shapes are combined with precious materials and stones that were handled with the most exquisite craftsmanship. The designs of Versace Fine Jewellery provide a definite expression of the glamour intrinsic to the brand.
Attention to detail and commitment to the finest quality co-exist in every Versace creation. Materials are chosen with the utmost selectivity, reflecting the tradition and style. Each Versace creation exudes sheer excellence.
Know-how and an iconic manufacturing heritage come together in the Versace Fine Jewellery collections. Each item is created with a unique know-how centuries old and the utmost luxury in mind. The unmistakable Greca and Medusa, logos iconic design details, confer a distinctive signature on all Versace creations.
GORGON CLAW COLLECTION Gorgon Claw embodies the attitudes of the Versace Woman: power, strength, individuality and passion. The claw, a symbol of power, is the inspiration for the design of each jewel in this collection.
Hand-crafted in gold and highest quality diamonds, each jewel is complemented with a one of a kind shape and cut of precious stones.
The wide collection range consists of a 5-claw, 3-claw, 2-claw rings; 1 claw stud earrings and 4-claw earrings; stunning 1-claw pendant and 2-claw bangle.
The Gorgon Claw jewellery comes in both yellow and rose gold; with a choice of Peridot, Rhodolite, Honey Citrine, and Amethyst.

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