UrBBan Fusion Art & Fashion Festival in in Bielsko-Biała

Fashion in an artistic edition.
The Polish Fashion and Art festival will be held in Bielsko-Biała.

From 1st. to December 3th. 2021 will be held the “UrBBan Fusion Art & Fashion Festival“. Different generations and fields of art will meet in one common space. Fashion and tailoring art will appear in a unique combination with photography, music, dance and history. It is a fusion of artistic events in the city, which was created exactly 70 years ago from the merger of two different urban units, located for centuries on the two banks of the Biała River. UrBBan Fusion. Art & Fashion Festivał was created on the initiative of the city authorities and according to the idea and artistic direction of a world-renowned designer – Natasha Pavluchenko, who works in Bielsko-Biała on a daily basis, that we already discovered this summer thanks to Ms. Maria-Chrstina Rigano during her event ” International Couture ” in Roma During ALTAROMA. The city, which boasts a history of weaving dating back to 1564, draws from this tradition, creating an educational and cultural event that shows the creative potential of people creating it today and young talents from the region and other parts of Poland.

The festival guests will include Anna Maria Anders, the Polish Ambassador in Rome, Maria Cristina Rigano, fashion expert and show organizer in Paris, Beijing and Rome, Manuel Perrotta – President of the International Fashion Network, Salvatore Cosma, mayor of the Italian city of Tursi and Maciej Maniewski, champion hairdressing and celebrity stylist, beauty industry mentor and one of the most opinion-forming Polish hairdressers. The evening events will be hosted by Conrado Moreno, and the competition jury will be composed of representatives of Poland and Italy.
The festival program includes shows-performances, masterclass meetings with people from the artistic world, photo exhibitions, film screenings and showrooms. A competition was also organized, addressed to young adepts of the fashion world up to 30 years of age, with the main prize of the President of Bielsko-Biała, Jarosław Klimaszewski, and other special prizes. This year, the presentation of the collection ready for the catwalk was not required, and it was enough for the participant to present five drawings / designs of clothes. The works could be sent to the Bielsko Cultural Center Maria Koterbska – the official organizer of the event.
This festival differs significantly from many others that already exist in Poland and in the world. Natasha Pavluchenko, Creative Director of the Festival, explains:

  • The main topic will be art in a different edition. Each of the people presented at UrBBan Fusion is an artist. Be it a designer, photographer, actor or hairdresser … We want this Festival to show many levels of creativity and creativity. UrBBan Fusion is such a weave, a specific convergence of different ways of expression, but having common artistic DNA. Bielsko-Biała is open to creativity and new ideas, so it is the most appropriate place for such a festival.

The festival will begin on December 1st. with the opening of an exhibition at the Metrum Jazz Club in Bielsko, where Roman Hryciów, an artist photographer who has been creating for almost half a century, and Michał Obrycki, who is at the beginning of his creative path, will exhibit his works. Both artists photograph the collection “White” by Natasha Pavluchenko, which this time is a pretext for the artists’ artistic vision. These are two scenes, two views – two different artistic visions. After the opening, the works will be on display throughout the Festival in the foyer of BCK im. M. Koterbska. Exhibition curator: Iwona Purzycka, musical setting: Dawid Broszczakowski.
During the Opening Gala at the Polish Theater on Thursday, December 2, there will be a performance concert by actress Anna Guzik, entitled “Bez / senna”, combined with the presentation of the collection “Biała / Everlasting” by Natasha Pavluchenko, presented in Poland for the first time. The collection dedicated to the city of Bielsko-Biała is all white. This is another edition of the designer’s works inspired by history and art. The artist reached for the interior of the fourteenth-century, well-preserved church in Bielsko. st. Stanisław, drawing on its ornamental motifs and linking them with the city’s textile tradition. The collection’s premiere took place in Rome, during the prestigious International Couture event, as part of this year’s Altaroma shows.
In turn, on Friday, December 3th., at the Bielsko Cultural Center Maria Koterbska, young designers from the School of Artistic Fashion Design in Krakow will present themselves during the day and in the evening: Mateusz Gurgul, Mariola Homoncik, Oliwia Jankowska, Łukasz Kubiński, Aneta Łącka, Anna Nowak-Curyło, Angelika Ożdżyńska, Nargiz Salwa, Anna Szczygieł and Bielskie recognized designers: Anna Drabczyńska and Ewelina Sobolak / Tundra.

Lectures as part of the so-called The masterclass will be led by fashion experts and practitioners: Maria Cristina Rigano, Manuel Perrotta, Rafał Stanowski, Dr. Paulina Żmijowska and Natasha Pavluchenko. The jury of the fashion competition, intended for young people up to 30 years old, will be composed of representatives of Poland and Italy.

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