Traveling With the Queen of Diamonds

Chopard pays tribute to the many feature films that have written the history of Cannes Film Festival. Among them, the docu-film The Queen of Kalahari.

What better time than this to dedicate to the feature films that have marked the history of cinema, receiving the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival? Among the numerous feature films to which Chopard wished to pay tribute, the docu-film dedicated to the diamond The Queen of Kalahari. Filmed by director Alexis Veller in 2017 in the Karowe mine in Botswana, the documentary traces the journey of this incredible 342-carat rough diamond, of unique purity, since its discovery by a local woman, up to the Chopard workshops in Geneva. An exceptional carat underlines the extreme rarity of a diamond with absolute purity and perfect color.

The Quenn of Kalahari, which combines the color D with a purity F, has found its maximum expression and extraordinary interpretation, in the set of 23 diamonds, Le Jardin de Kalahari. Of these, 5 weigh more than 20 carats and are represented by the main cuts: cushion, brilliant, heart, emerald, drop. Around these five stones, Caroline Scheufele transformed the 50 carat brilliant cut diamond into a sunflower, the 26 carat heart into a pansy and the 25 carat teardrop diamond into a majestic banana flower. The perfect 20-carat cushion cut stone sits face to face with a sparkling poppy, while the 21-carat emerald cut diamond floats next to a water lily. An extraordinary garden in which poetry, light and shine are the only rules of the game.

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