The Soul of Your Success – Palazzo Visconti Milano

The Soul of Your Success is the title of the seminar in Palazzo Visconti Milano in Via Cino del Duca 8 that Gabriella Chiarappa expert in communication and the international make-up artist Pablo Ardizzone will hold. It is a seminar aimed at all those who want and wish to acquire a decidedly positive philosophy of life. This seminar is born from the consideration that what each of us wants is to be able to realize their dreams but, as long as they remain only of dreams, they can hardly be realized, therefore, what we can do is transform them into objectives, that is to follow a precise strategy that can allow us to make our desires concrete. The points will be varied, including: how to discover their potential, understand how to believe in themselves, understand what and how to transmit through their image and much more. This seminar will teach us how many of our dreams that we think unrealizable in reality are only for our limiting thought, which has nothing to do with reality and will also teach the effective strategy to achieve what we have always wanted but we never managed to get. Also interesting is the intervention of the super guest of the seminar, the daughter of the great Bobby Solo, Veronica Satti, who for this special occasion will talk about her struggle to achieve her life’s achievements. A true and authentic testimony of Veronica, brought back from Gf, determined and courageous, ready to bring as an example her life experience, the strength and the philosophy that helped her to be what she is today, difficult times overcome and the re-embrace with the Pope. A seminar definitely full of surprises that basically has a very specific goal, spread the true positivity of thought, many will ask, what will really happen in this unmissable event, one thing is certain positive energy is contagious, it improves our life and that of others so let’s prepare for a wave of well-being.

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