The shocking impact of food waste

At a time of increasing resource scarcity, we are wasting a lot of food.

According to the National Consumer League, 20 percent of our land, 4 percent of our energy and 25 percent of our water is used to produce food that ends up being thrown out. America is the worst offender by far where the portion of food production that goes to waste is closer to 40 percent!!!

Put that all together and we are looking at $165 billion per year being wasted. If we could reduce our level of waste by 30 percent, that would be enough food to feed 50 million people.

There are solutions that involve simple steps that anyone of us can achieve.

Join us on Wednesday April 22nd at our Y.E.S. Project and learn from food experts six easy steps that all of us can do to help reduce food waste dramatically. Enjoy delicious, nutritious, responsibly harvested organic foods prepared by some of the best chefs of South Florida.

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