The new collaboration ME.LAND x SUYER


ME.LAND X SÜYER  An invitation to dream  Handmade  Süyer is a 27-year-old multidisciplinary young artist inspired by Edvard Munch, Salvador Dali or Gérard Garouste. In a world he considers saturated with sounds and images, Süyer offers an exploration of our lost paradises through his poetic and silent character Süsü. Lost paradises that collide with our imaginations, made up of lived or invented stories, fears or dreams. He becomes our imaginary friend, our inner voice that questions our daily life along our route.  

ME.LAND is a young French footwear label. It is great adventure launched in 2018 with the ambition to offer a alternative, couture , comfortable, elegant, unique, responsible, low-carbone and close to its community. They are much more than simple shoes. From the mix of inspirations, materials and colours emerges a daily behaviour.

Since its launch ME.LAND offers a universe created and supported by a community of artists: singers, clipers, street artists, illustrators, photographers, actors …  The encounter was obvious. Why remain indifferent to everything around us? Nothing is ever for granted, the months of lock down have proved it to us. Let’s be curious. Let us look at the world with envy, kindness and poetry along our way. Each step will be a way to take Süsü further and to look at our daily lives differently.  
Süyer uses craft tattoo inks to paint each shoe with a brush. A contemporary way to reinvent the artisanal patina technique ! Finalized by a natural wax polish made by hand for an exceptional long lasting shoe.  The result is amazing, a corresponding mismatched, unique work, numbered and signed by the artist for each pair, a tattooed reverie to wear everyday.   
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