The Flipped Dinner

The event as opposed to Desigual to announce the future partnership creative with TOILETPAPER

Milan,  September 7th. 2021 The first brand to permanently overturn its logo he never does things in a conventional way … For
this, Desigual surprised the Milanese last night with a reverse event, The Flipped Dinner.

This original dinner served to announce the future creative partnership between the brand and the artists Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari,
founders of TOILETPAPER.

For the next season, this creative combination promises art, fashion and above all fun. It is the right time to say one more time
“La vida es chula” (Life is Awesome), as the Desigual motto.

The city chosen for the launch of this collaboration is Milan during one of the more weeks creative, avant-garde and trendy of the year, the Design Week.

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