TATATU: A Social Revolution

Johnny Deep

We all assisted, during the last decade, to the creation of latest billionaire, who such at a young age, are responsible to have altered our routine.
So basically, every given day, we let dozens, hundreds of people making money by our viewings, and by the content we post everyday.
Ten years far from the creation of Facebook, things are going to change, and here is TATATU.
TATATU is an entertainment platform that encourage the use of it, by offering free digital token (which many people know as BITCOIN), as a reward to have been using the platform, creating in fact a system with monetary rewards for everybody is using the app.
Tatatu will offer not only film and videos but also music, sport and games, in order to become an entertainment platform of 360 degrees, that let the creators and the users of the contents, to monetize their viewings in a totally clear way.
We create a content, like a photo or video, the same we do basically every day, we post it as usually, and Tatatu puts higher our score.
This innovative creation is branded Italy, thanks to Andrea Iervolino which is the co-founder and CEO of Ambi Media Group, and thanks to the collaboration of Manuel Ivan Maria Perrotta, President of the foundation International Fashion Network, and know worldwide master of the cure and productions, regarding fashion and luxury.
What are you waiting to download?
Future is now.

Johnny Deep – Official Partner


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