SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION FASHION WEEK – The best fashion sustainable event of 2020


At the end of the year we always do a summary of what happened during the year and of course we remember also what has been the best events.

Do doubts hands down the best event and most applicable concept for sustainability has been The Sustainable Innovation Fashion Week organized by the Sparkling lady, ms. Valeria Mangani which presented in a very elegant way a selection of some of the most interesting sustainable brands between music, catwalks, one of a kind showroom in the prestigious frame of  ‘SUBLIME LA VILLA’ and interesting debates and talk with prominent figures about the new philosophy of the sustainable life style.

We already spoke about this event which we were present and had proud of being partner.

In line with the current dynamics of ethical awareness and corporate civil responsibility, the SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION FASHION WEEK has been the first event hosted in the capital in accordance with the SDG – Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. In order to participate in the event, brands must necessarily possess the requirements of sustainability, ethics or innovation within their company. The products of fashion and accessories brands must not contain PVC. The participating olfactory essence companies must be free of parabens, phosphates and formaldehyde.

Testimonial of the event is been Anton Giulio Grande who presented his first eco-sustainable haute couture garment.

Between the sustainable brands there were:

AMAVIS Recycling Project; DOUBLE Venezia; ECO LUXURY di Franco Francesca; ELEONORA RICCIO Stilista Botanica; ETICLÓ Ethical Closet; FILI PARI Fibre di marmo; GIULIA BRUNETTI knitwear vegan collection; LEILA HAFIZ Italian fashion; MALIA LAB Moda Biologica; PARCO DENIM Sustainable fashion brand; TRAME DI STORIE Sustainable fashion brand; VAGAMENTE RETRÒ Sustainable botanical fashion.


C.ALLA Fibra d’argento; CARRABAN Wood bags; DIEGO PERCOSSI PAPI Jewels; QUINTO EGO Essenze olfattive; RODÀ Art Shoes; SORUKA Sustainable bags; XEOS Smart Shirts Technology; YUKO & BIBA Bags; 53.0 Luxury Marble

The Noble Floor is located on the first floor of the building. The elegant and refined design makes it the most fascinating and precious space in the Villa. The very versatile space is divided into four rooms, all connected, which take their name from large and spectacular suspended light-design elements: the Cantina room, the Cubi room, the Sublime room from which our structure takes its name and the Hall of Moons and Lights.

We asked the Patron of this Event Valeria Mangani to define what is her best definition about “Fashion”.


V. Mangani
V. Mangani

“Made in Italy” craftsmanship, unrivaled and recognized worldwide, is currently confronted with an unprecedented complex situation in rapid evolution and transformation. Historically, the main disruptive factors in these highly creative and traditional contexts were: generational change and globalization. These disruptive factors are currently being replaced by: innovative technologies, greater consumer competence and new geopolitical geometries.
Manufacturers and made in Italy brands that will not renew themselves will be disrupted in the short term by one of the following paradigm shifts:
• Technological factors such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, blockchain, industrial digitization, CRISPR, luxury up-cycling. These are just some of the inevitable factors in the immediate future.
• Keep up with unprecedented consumer expertise. Today, consumers expect a genuine commitment from brands to ethical and environmental values, not only as a brand narrative, but also as an integral part of the brand’s DNA. And it is for this reason that the ethical-environmental factor is mandatory to keep “digital-first” customers on the frontier of digital land-grab.
• The change in geopolitical policies has given way to higher tariffs, on-shoring, automated micro factories, and the general review of trade.

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