San Andrès – Fabiola Quezada – Milano Fall Winter 19/20

Rain drops produce a sound after the storm, sounds who become music  and music who become inspiration, at some point lights and shadows get mixed through decisive brush strokes in a bi-dimensional reality, changing by every though , by every action until, the artist, decide to stop the opera.

San Andrès - Fabiola Quezada
San Andrès – Fabiola Quezada

The artistic work tell us about the world of the painter Fabiola Quezada, which marry the sartorial one of  Andrés  Caballero, two creatives worlds  which meet and communicate, two expressions of the art in his totality with passionate colors getting mixed in a made of matter and carnal scoop, like the Mexican culture, their native land.

After a storm our inspiring muse finally gets a shelter inside the atelier; where illumined by poetic drops fallen on the tailored garments, they turn into shining embroidery by Swarovski, which feed and give life to floreal abstract patterns which blossom in the delicacy of the lace, the light transparency of the tulle and the gambling of the pois flock matter.

Fabiola Quezeda tell us she wants to put together the Mexican cultural influences with the European classic culture, and in her art everything get enriched with flavors and colors from her native land.

“Painting is like condensing the essence of life; human bodies and vegetates, differences and  similarity, parallels of everyday life and memories, simple and strong messages, in a perfect agreement with the contemporaneity made by spontaneity, fresh chromaticity and desire of emotions”

Fabiola is sharing and combining her sense of memory, collaborating with someone else experience, and this “allow us to attend the latest news of the creation, to open our mind to the intercultural exchange, which build identity”

You can find her operas at

San Andrès - Fabiola Quezada
San Andrès – Fabiola Quezada

San Andrés Milano, for the new collection, is dressing a woman who is leaving the bourgeois canons, she is an ispirational musa who was born from the rain to become, at the end, a metropolitan musa.

A woman who understand her charme, and is daring to  play with a biting and neatly decomposed style.

Photo Credits Cosimo Filippini


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