RICHARD J. BROWN Italian Luxury Denim


The style of the colours, the art of the combinations, the links between precious materials. Among the news, summer Bermuda shorts, corduroy and cashmere.

Indian Ocean, enchanting atolls. Longing for summer and long walks, a line of footprints on the white sand, the warmth of the sun on your skin, the relaxation of a day at the sea. Expanses of water and uncontaminated nature. Colours express the Richard J. Brown style of freedom and movement for the new 5-pocket in comfortable and soft stretch cotton by combining unusual fibres.
Always protagonists are the tags that highlight the desire for leisure, matching or in contrast with the diverse fabrics offered in the collection, in the soft pastels or symbolic colours of the earth. There are seven themes in the new RJB collection for spring summer 2019.

ICON – Daily Denim
Authentic jeans in blue and grey, inspired by true traditional jeans-lovers and reinterpreted with lighter and bi-stretch Japanese or Italian fabrics for maximum comfort even at the hottest time of year. Royal blue, copper or denim-effect canvas labels, combined with hand stitching and seams in the same shade enhance the RJB jeans, responding to the tastes of men and women looking for an elegant yet feisty garment.

LUXURY – Precious denim
Jeans and trousers created by combining cotton with higher quality fibres: such as ultra-soft and comfortable summer cashmere, light silk and stretchy linen Jersey. The result is a garment with unique performance qualities, designed for a sophisticated customer who is constantly on the look-out for a luxury product.

PASTEL – Summer Corduroy
Jeans created in summer corduroy, reinterpreting the traditional winter corduroy with an ultra-lightweight version that is soft and silky. Available in pastel shades, they are adorned with labels, ton-sur-ton hand stitching and seams in fine nubuck.

CRISP – Linen
Cotton and linen jeans and Bermuda shorts make you feel fresh even on the hottest days. New for the summer collection, the shorts have American pockets on the front and welt pockets on the back. Mélange effect and hand stitching in earth shades are featured on the ecru jeans. The summery look is accentuated on both garments by the linen labels.

White and ultra-light denim decorated with contrasting details and linen or canvas labels, for a beach look. Ideal for a walk on the beach, at sunset, to be worn rolled-up or in the version with frayed edges.

TANGERINE – Desert cotton
Bull denim jeans in burnished and sand shades conjure up the colours of the desert. Owing to the type of dye, the shades take on a dusty and worn appearance on the garments. Particularly soft and pleasant to wear, they are made of stretch cotton and have the characteristic hand stitching and ton-sur-ton suede label, which accentuates the matte effect.

GEOMETRY – Selvedge
Ultimate jeans. Created by hand-cutting the fabric, these jeans have the characteristic selvedge on the coin pocket and along the inner side seam of the leg, which emerges with its red and white by turning up the bottoms. A fine garment for true connoisseurs.
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