RESTART: the new VO+ May issue is now online

Support, Vision, Connection, Balance, Restart
You can now download and read the new VO+ May issue

Words are often used to support the power of a message. We saw it recently in the photograph entitled “Straight Voice”, winner of the World Press Photo of The Year last April, taken in Sudan by Japanese photographer Yasuyoshi Chiba. The photo shows a boy illuminated by the light of cell phones, as he recites a protest poem at a demonstration in a totally blacked-out Khartoum. A poem to transmit the desire for rebellion, verses to face a crisis, letters to rewind the tape and restart. And so, today, I am starting from here, from the strength of five words, to briefly sum up this May issue, so highly demanded despite the critical moment. And we are publishing it with a cover that interprets the fragile balance of our world with words of positivity: Support, Vision, Connection, Balance, Re-start. Five words that should also help us to keep dialogue constantly alive in our world, enriching our daily story with messages of encouragement. Pages that, almost by chance, speak of Renaissance and the value of evolving time, of “give back” stories,of new jewelry masters and that reveal how ideas are generated. All this following a narrative plot that borrows Cartier’s motto, with which we open the issue: “Never copy, only create”.


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