MARYLING’s creative vision of femininity is constantly evolving. Taking its cue from a surrealistic exploration of fashion coupled with art, its Spring Summer 2020 collection opens the way to a new interpretation of the modern woman.

The primary inspiration focuses on the atmosphere of Amsterdam and its exuberant symbol, the tulip, which becomes a beautiful, lively backdrop for an alluring and natural floral paradise, in a glorious exaltation of light and warmth.


Plychrome Fusion: a gallery of forms, proportions and textures that transform into silhouettes that interweave classicism and modernity and create a modern aesthetic, where structures and colors – dominated by black and white mixed with other hues – are dynamic and images are bold, evoking the mood of a sublime art form. Artistic imprinting incorporates the dramatic elegance of Erwin Blumenfeld’s photographs, which offer a creative investigation of the female form, enhanced by a sensuality imaginatively conveyed by the notes of the Anglo-Nigerian singer and songwriter Sade Adu. The clothing paints a picture of pure, gentle femininity infused with the original, refined grace of the singer’s cultural milieu, creating a dynamic offering that thinks outside the box of traditional fashion.

The result is a collection that combines surrealism and sensuality while highlighting its bright, bold personality: so lines are voluminous and silhouettes tend to be experimental; the fabrics – extremely luxurious – and textures overlap and layer onto each other with a lively and exuberant twist.  With the strength of its intimately disruptive nature, MARYLING’s signature accompanies women during the upcoming summer season with the addition of new forms and styles to explore, focusing on a concept of luxury where the contemporary touch is muted by a light, ever-present femininity. Unconventional and captivating, the brand’s style is defined by an original mood, sustained by an unquenchable artistic energy, ready to take the stage all over the world.

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