Nuna Lie: the winning model of an Italian Fast Fashion Company

A virtuous company, aware that success passes through the well-being of its employees, an all-Italian reality, based in Monterotondo (ROME), which day after day proves to be a winner: Nuna Lie is a brand that has made investments in research and innovation one of its strengths.

For more than fifteen years in the fashion retail market, Nuna Lie is a dynamic label, with collections in constant renewal that offer quality products at competitive prices. It is aimed at women by creating collections capable of highlighting their personality and natural beauty, offering cuts and models that are always in step with the trends of the moment and, at the same time, with great comfort and wearability. Through a franchising network that has over 100 single-brand stores throughout Italy, the brand introduces over nine hundred items to the market per season, making the fast-fashion philosophy its strong point, without sacrificing the quality of Italian style. Colors, styles and models mix from collection to collection, hooking up with trends, but above all with the sincere and real taste of consumers. Every week new products arrive in the store, allowing Nuna Lie customers to continually renew their wardrobe and ensuring that the shopping experience within the single-brand stores is every time exclusive and full of novelties to be discovered.

Evolving collections best represent the Italian style, addressing an audience attentive to trends but also to the quality of fabrics and packaging. The women who wear Nuna Lie love to mix clothes and accessories to build a personal style that respects their character and way of being; active, curious, free, they face life with vivacity and freshness and need a contemporary and functional wardrobe, elegant but also casual and at competitive prices, all that Nuna Lie creates weekly for them.

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