Nina Runsdorf’s New Pearl Collection is an Ode to Her Love of Nature’s Organic Beauty

Nina Runsdorf inherited her love of pearls from her mother, who was an avid collector, and her great uncle who was a pearl dealer. In this new collection, Runsdorf brings a playful spirit of contemporary cool to pearl jewellery, letting the beauty of the pearl speak for itself, their lustrous and classic sheen contrasted and accentuated by twinkles of pave diamonds on clasps, rounded details or directly embedded into them.

Nina appreciates the organic nature of baroque pearls, setting them with a touch of subtle pave diamonds on yellow gold for a more casual appeal. Here, a summery pair of yellow gold hoop earrings are outfitted with a single baroque pearl while a pair of baroque earrings are topped with pave diamond balls, giving them an evening appeal.

Contrasting to the more organic shapes, Nina also adores the perfection of South Sea pearls with their iridescent luster. In the collection, a gray strand of South Sea baroque pearls contains two pave diamond balls for a glimmering twist and a similarly classic South Sea pearl necklace contains a small sparkle of pave on the clasp. Long strands of pearls hang from a pave diamond encrusted dome on a pair of evening wear earrings, and a classic pair of tiered pearl and diamond earrings is finished with two large pink pearls.

Nina’s collections are always elegant, modern, creative and never too precious to wear. This collection was approached by the designer to easily transition from day to evening with moments for black tie dressing throughout.

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