Natuzzi celebrated 60 years of design at the Salone del Mobile, drawing inspiration from Mother Earth and the unique spirit of its homeland in Apulia, where in 1959 Pasquale Natuzzi began a long, impassioned and far-sighted journey through the furnishings sector. Then as now, under the leadership of Creative Director Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, the places where it all began once again give life to a new vision of living, which as ever “draws inspiration from and pays homage to the land”.

The Natuzzi Italia collection for Milan Design Week 2019 is the most significant expression of the desire to achieve beauty, in its most authentic and profound sense, on the long uninterrupted path towards discovery, seeking an in-depth understanding of identity. Its underlying message is that beauty cannot be achieved unless ethics and aesthetics coincide. The perfect shape, the most creative solution, the most harmonious system of rules, where ethics and aesthetics coincide, belong only to Nature: hers is the true essence of beauty.

The collection

Ergo, the bedroom collection designed by Ross Lovegrove for Natuzzi Italia, is a perfect summary of the brand’s journey over the course of its evolution. It marks the birth of a new era for Natuzzi, the clearest sign of the new stylistic direction entrusted to Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, on the occasion of the brand’s 60th birthday. The Ergochaise longue is both primordial and futuristic, made up of fluid, minimalist shapes. Shapes that are reflected in every piece of the collection: the soft, reassuring contours of the bed and in the chandelier hanging above like an impalpable cloud. And then the valet stands with its generous profile; the large chest of drawers and the floor lamp with aluminum stems reminiscent of thin branches, the coordinated rug and the mirror created without lead paints. Ergo recalls natural biological features, with their pure uncontaminated essence, this being a collection containing nothing that might harm the environment or human beings, made with responsible, renewable and recyclable materials. The wood used comes from FSC®-certified plantations, managed correctly and responsibly, on the basis of rigorous environmental, social and economic standards. Its components interlock, so that each piece can be put together with no metal parts. The water-based adhesives used are formaldehyde-free. All of the finishes are natural wax. The only metal used is aluminum, an endlessly recyclable material. The textile fibres used for the upholstery are organic – linen, wool and cotton. The mattress is in 100% natural latex. The light bulbs used are very low energy consumption LEDs.

Marcel Wanders has created the new Dandy collection for Natuzzi, a design proposal of living room in a perfect balance between Apulian and metropolitan atmospheres and inspired by a globetrotter’s return to origins, with his wealth of emotions, experiences and inspirations: a cosmopolitan dandy who always ends up back in his motherland. Skyline is a seating system with open and closed bases, a contemporary revisitation of a classic piece of furniture – the Chester sofa. The roundness of the Chester is given squarer lines while the backrests, deliberately misaligned, evoke the skyline of a great international metropolis. A particularly effective combination of craftsmanship and technology can be seen in the finely hand-quilted backrest and in the seats, fitted with latest-generation electric relaxation mechanisms. The Dandy collection also includes a bar area, inspired by typical New York atmospheres, with a polished chrome metal bar cabinet and marble top, Shield leather stools and an open bookcase. The Archbookcase, in polished chrome, is modular and free-standing, with shelves in black larch. The arch design on the front created by the two smoked-glass doors is taken up by the tinted-glass mirror at the back and represents a return to origins. A quote from the arches of the old cities of Puglia, which serve an architectural function that, goes well beyond that of mere transit. The Dami lamp alludes to the shape of glass demijohns traditionally used for the fermentation of wine. The lovely Dove chaise longue, with its light, wavy shapes, is a natural complement to the living space which Wanders has created for Natuzzi.

Cava, designed by Mauro Lipparini, is a modular living-room furniture collection with seating elements, table surfaces, crystal glass tables and a coffee table with a metal frame. Highly versatile, it can be used to customize any type of living space, adapting to the specific needs and changing functions of the living room.  The Cava sofa, which comes in several corner and linear versions, is an island of comfort unto itself, anchored to a wooden and metal base with wide seats and generous, soft armrests. The seats are equipped with electric backrest and armrest adjustment mechanisms, so that you can choose the right position for you, whether you are having an intimate conversation, entertaining guests or enjoying a well-earned rest. All the individual modules are interchangeable and repositionable at will and can also be used as standalone pieces. Lipparini also designed Campus dining table, with rounded edges and an elegant structure with rigorous and rational lines, and the Valle dining chair.

Selva is a modular couch system from the Spanish designer Enrique Marti that combines two different aesthetic and artistic languages, Futurism and Art Nouveau. From Futurism it takes its geometric, constructivist style and combines it with the sensual volumes and generosity that typify early 20th century Art Nouveau, to convey elegance, luxury and serenity. The sofa has an elegant tubular metal frame with brass feet, which supports a lacquered wooden base with upholstered modules of various different sizes. The accommodating backrests hold cushions of various shapes and sizes, which both make the seat more comfortable and increase the number of decorative permutations possible. The large cylindrical armrest is a style detail that does not go unnoticed. In the modular version, the Selva sofa has a rounded corner that makes the atmosphere even more convivial.  Together with the sofa – covered in leather and fabric – come various furnishings: a wall unit with two shelves, two sets of three coffee tables (with top finishes in wood, marble and glass), a bench and an elegantly sober armchair, Itria, with refined material juxtapositions.

Bernhardt & Vella’s Amalia collection of seats steal the limelight with their eye-catching roundness, the result of juxtapositions of architectural geometric shapes and full soft volumes. The comfy, roomy dormeuse is a welcoming nest inviting you to snuggle up and get a great rest, with a tall cozy backrest completed by soft cushions. The oak feet of varying heights add touches of verticality to the enveloping curves. Amalia also comes in an armchair version, smaller but with the same romantic shape.

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