Miranda Makaroff loves Desigual

Spring hasn’t started on March 20, it starts now; to celebrate it we offer you a colorful and artistic capsule that screams freedom. Sexual freedom, love, movement and, above all, expression.

Aphrodisiac nature.

Women who intertwine with nature in orgiastic images, collages of deconstructed sexual symbols, bright colors and 70s models. A capsule that tells stories of women and their pleasures. Welcome to the most free capsule of Desigual. Eve was not a sinner, she was free and she taught us what pleasure is. This is the inspiration of Miranda Makaroff, the infinite love for pleasure. During a holiday in Ibiza, in communion with nature, she was inspired by the wild and orgasmic stimulus given her from that precise moment. In that instant, his imagination and colors took flight to draw these situations with a message: “we are free”.

Sustainable fabrics.

Organic cotton and EcoVero fabric are the main materials of this collection. Culotte pants of different fabrics, more rigid or in cotton, tops in different techniques, such as pleated or thin ribbed, colored crop jackets, cotton T-shirts with different elements or soft printed shirts. Both for her and for him.

* The cotton T-shirts and the 70s dress are in 100% organic cotton, while the total looks of the sleeveless crop shirt and culotte pants are in 100% EcoVero. The total looks with crop jacket and printed jeans are 30% organic.

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