An irresistible desire to explore new environments and enjoy different experiences inspires the FW 23/24 collection by MARYLING titled “Hotel MARYLING A room with a view”. This genuine escape from everyday life is accompanied by the anxiety of discovering something far from one’s habits, a feeling that characterizes the first days of travel, like an idyllic snooze in the Great Bed of Ware, the spectacular (and gigantic) canopy bed now ensconced in the V&A Museum in London that in the 16th century welcomed curious travelers to Hertfordshire to treat them to an extraordinary night. But, apart from the jump in time, the magic of travel has endured thanks to its ability to remain a personal luxury in the memory of those who experienced it.

Travel it is, then, with unchanged desire, indulging in the need to connect with others and with oneself to enjoy all the beauty that life has to offer, simply by shifting one’s gaze beyond the usual boundaries. MARYLING conceptually and visually translates this gesture into the design that characterizes the brand’s stylistic proposal for the next cold season.

Maryling Back Stage – Milano Fashion Week

It starts with patterns, which are many and explore a color palette that echoes the carpets found in historic alpine hotels through a unique color combination of intense brown and burnt orange, with hints of canary yellow and purple. In the spotlight are monochromatic dresses and color block garments interacting with prints inspired by artists who created a link with hotel rooms worldwide, from Sofia Coppola’s film “Lost in Translation” to Edward Hopper’s paintings.

But there’s more. The sartorial art of MARYLING enjoys going through the classic seasonal palette, interpreting it on typical winter textiles such as wool, cashmere, and mohair, adding splashes of shades like lava, botanic green, and dophin gray. The orange silk satin babydoll is paired with caramel and intense green and often interrupted with prints.

Once again, the collection becomes a manifesto of MARYLING style and the perfect vision of a happy encounter between art and luxury.

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