Tradition, experimentation, intuition and quality. These are just some of the values that Lavazza has in common with today’s top Italian and international chefs: the company’s constant commitment to excellence and its dedication to research have found a perfect match in the world of top gastronomy.
Quality coffee is created by an accurate selection of ingredients, technical competences and the intuition that provides that famous “extra touch” to the product. This is the same creative ‘modus operandi’ – ingredient’s quality, skill and imagination – that chefs use every day when creating their dishes. Therefore, the relationship between Lavazza and Top Gastronomy comes naturally.
With over 20 years of expertise and ongoing commitment to the haute cuisine, on February 17th at Torno Subito W Dubai – The Palm, in Dubai, Lavazza presents “COFFEE ABSOLUTE GASTRONOMY”, a 176 pages book featuring the celebration of coffee as the key ingredient that inspired 40 of the world’s cutting-edge chefs and 1 sommelier to create special and unusual recipes. The project was born from the will of its author, Flavel Monteiro and Lavazza, the iconic brand steeped in tradition for which experimenting and passion are a booster to innovate. Author Flavel Monteiro followed step by step the book’s creation process, selecting the best international chefs since its initial idea, which was conceived during a Lavazza lunch meeting.
“COFFEE ABSOLUTE GASTRONOMY” features a real journey around the world of haute cuisine encountering, along the way, 40 cutting-edge culinary professionals, specifically 35 Michelin stars, crossing 6 continents and 23 countries. From the first photographer of the Rolling Stone Magazine – Baron Wolman starts the book with an ode to coffee. The First Words from the very best of France and La Liste’s Culinary Best – Guy SAVOY, and the introduction by Ferran and Albert Adrià.
Ferran Adrià was, in fact, the first great chef working with Lavazza, a collaboration starting in 2002 that successfully continued over the years and is still active with the contribution of Lavazza to Ferran Adrià’s Bullipedia project Coffee Sapiens, the encyclopaedia dedicated to western gourmet cuisine.
Beyond the first pages, the selection of Chefs of Coffee Absolute Gastronomy is very ambitious, starting with Heinz Beck, Konstantin Filippou, Grant MacPherson and Vineet Bhatia, to Manoella Buffara and Teresa Cutter, up to Reif Othman and Michelin-starred Chef Paco Pérez… and many others! Inspired by the quality and versatility of coffee, all of them, brought out the best of their culinary prowess while working with various types of coffee as a key ingredient to outstanding recipes. Coffee beans, ground coffee, espresso shots, coffee infused in oil and coffee rubs are only a few of the forms in which Lavazza complemented and bolstered the ingredients in each dish.
In COFFEE ABSOLUTE GASTRONOMY the broader universe of coffee takes a main role and becomes a place of experience and confrontation in a book that not only talks about coffee as a product, but amplifies its potential to amaze increasingly demanding palates” states Flavel Monteiro “A passion for the finer things in life – a desire to live within the greatest expression of pleasure, this book is all about quality. The way it was created with the warmth of the human touch makes it a very personal labour of passion and friendship. If it wasn’t for that fateful lunch 10 months ago with Karim Merhi, this book wouldn’t exist. Like to thank Lavazza, the Top Gastronomy Team of Lavazza and Riccardo Codognola for this collaboration – a culinary homage to coffee”.
Lavazza started collaborating with the great chefs in 2001 and since then maintaining the special focus to enhance coffee and propose new ways of eating it, elevating it to a true form of culinary art ” – explains Riccardo Codognola, Head of WEMEA Marketing Sales department of LAVAZZA – “With the project COFFEE ABSOLUTE GASTRONOMY, that came to live thanks to Flavel’s willing and efforts, we are really happy to see how inspiring and contagious coffee has always been and still is for Top International Chefs who respond with passion and creativity to any request for collaboration from Lavazza”.
The company’s commitment to the Top Gastronomy world began in 1996, when a partnership between Lavazza and Slow Food was launched, which brought together the passion for flavours and the knowledge of the Italian tradition. A passion which was later cemented by a partnership with the first Italian University entirely dedicated to food and gastronomy, Pollenzo University of Gastronomic Sciences. The competence and experience of the company in the field of coffee, was recognized by the University through the creation of the Lavazza Training Centre, the University’s venue for its Masters’ Degree on coffee. Lavazza continued to grow its innovative qualities, when the Training Center created a dedicated product experimentation division in 1998. The intuitive ideas of the Lavazza Team were transformed into new ways of enjoying coffee. With the bold, innovative spirit of both international and Italian celebrity chefs, considered stars of Haute Cuisine, partnerships quickly formed.
Lavazza also collaborates with several important food events such as Lo Mejor de la Gastronomia in Spain, Identità Golose in Italy and the Festival Off (Omnivore Food Festival) in France.
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