Jennifer Lopez without makeup is another person | the difference is impressive PHOTOS

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Singer Jennifer Lopez is still a woman of immense charm, even if the difference with and without makeup is beginning to be noticed.

It has been many years since Jennifer Lopez first caught the attention of the world. It was 1986 when he was just 17 when he starred in the first Hollywood production (My Little Girl) and enchanted audiences around the world with his sour Latin charm. Ten years later she was already a Hollywood star and was chosen by Francis Ford Coppola for the film ‘Jack’. The roles in ‘Anaconda’, ‘Selena’ and ‘Out of Sight’ (by another great master of cinema such as Steven Sodeberg) will arrive by return of post.

In short, at the end of the 90s, twenty-year-old Jennifer Lopez was now a well-known face of American cinema and the films in which she was the protagonist reached every corner of the world, allowing the public to know and admire her for her skill. At the height of that golden age, Jennifer decided to extend her career to the musical field as well, releasing her first album ‘On the 6’ in 1999, followed by ‘J-Lo’ (which later became her name art and the brand on its clothing), a real global success of 2001.

Jennifer Lopez: the difference in photos without makeup


At the turn of the century (and millennia if you want), Jennifer Lopez was therefore a world-famous actress and singer at only 30 years old. What amazed was his skill on set, but above all the voice and determination he was able to put into his singing performances. Added to this was an obvious beauty and a physique to make heads turn (at the time it even ensured her side B). After more than 20 years, absolutely nothing has changed. Jennifer is still a successful actress and singer who has also made a splash in the field of fashion and entrepreneurship. The artist has become a real company and his brand – J-LO – is one of the most sought after in the world.

As demonstrated by last year’s Super Bowl show, she still amazes with athleticism, grit and voice during live performances. Also, seeing it on screen it seems that 20 years have not passed. Not only does J-Lo maintain a toned and athletic physique, but his face looks the same as it did when he was 30. Fans wonder how she manages to keep skin so smooth and smooth at 52, critics accuse her of having resorted to cosmetic surgery, but the truth may be another.

The Instagram Contour Videos Tutorial page, in fact, compared two photos of J-Lo, in which he shows what his face is like with make-up and without make-up. The difference between the two versions is evident and although, even without makeup, the American artist remains a beautiful woman, the effect is less amazing than what we are used to seeing. In fact, makeup hides the signs of age and without Jennifer it partially shows her age. Among the comments there are those who write that the stars would do well to show themselves natural, so as to show everyone that they too are human and that the passage of time also affects them.

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