HUI – SS22 Collection

An all-round aesthetic exploration of the essence of femininity. The woman is described as a mother, wife and daughter; she is best showcased through the garments she wears, revealing the power and energy that she contains inside and that she manifests, both in Asia and in European culture. To celebrate her femininity, but also her dynamism, the woman wears the fluid and soft lines that characterize HUI’s vision, playing with traditional embroideries in dialogue with modern details, which manage to make each garment a mixture of the ancient and drive towards the future. The brand manages to create an interplay between Chinese tradition and European ambiance, the ancient with the modern in a continuous transformation that makes the offering suitable for a woman who fills different roles over the course of her life.


Huizhou Zhao, in her new collection, reinterprets Nü shu, a unique syllabic script derived from Chinese characters, developed and used by the women of the Yao people, who reside Hunan province. This writing, exclusively used by women, allowed the women of the Yao ethnic group to communicate with each other in secret. It succeeded in essence in emancipating them, since at the time they did not have the opportunity to receive an education. This traditional writing was a true act of female liberation and affirmation. The choice to interpret the Nü shu script translates into a decorative graphic aspect in the collection that reflects the celebration of the importance of this practice, in line with the values of the Foundation. 3D thread embroidery and vibrant micro and macro prints reveal unprecedented nuances. The transparencies go from the fluidity of chiffon to the volumes of liquid organza. Ethereal crochet and fil coupé define new volumes. Hyper- embroidered kimonos and oversized blazers melt into balloon cargo pants. The lightweight is juxtaposed with more substantial fabrics such as cady. The classic is made livelier by the presence of silver and purple coatings and their reflections, the colour palette becomes more intriguing thanks to the presence of iridescent fabrics. Lines belonging to the Chinese tradition are rendered contemporary by the use of coloured PVC in the accessories, decorated with patterns in relief that show the innovation in the technique.

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