Helly Hansen Brings Warmth to the Arctic Region with Deliberately Designed Parkas and Jacks

Arctic Patrol Down Parka HI
Arctic Patrol Down Parka HI

Since 1877, Helly Hansen has been proud to be a company that makes professional, high-quality and comfortable clothing for the harshest conditions on the planet. The brand does not disappoint with the Fall / Winter 2019 line, including the new Arctic Patrol collection, specially built for the cold and dry climates of the Arctic region.

Arctic Patrol Down Parka HI
Arctic Patrol Down Parka HI

Comfort, performance and recyclable clothing take on a whole new meaning with the Arctic Patrol 3-in-1 Jacket, a 600 fill factor responsible combination down that contains thread and finish from natural, biodegradable materials, woven cotton outer fabrics with PFC-free DWR, and buckles made from recycled Lifa® residual material – Helly Hansen’s proprietary fiber that is used to create base layers.

Knowing that incredibly cold temperatures can cause water-resistant coatings to crack and damage, Helly Hansen uses a PFC-free DWR to ensure comfort, mobility and compactness without fear of less protection. When the weather deteriorates quickly, a lightweight water and wind resistant shell quickly emerges from the side pocket, and easily snaps onto the outside to protect against rain, cracks and dirt. And the best thing is that the entire jacket is biodegradable at the end of its useful life. Simply remove the zippers and place them in the recycling bin together with the rain shell, and bury the down filled jacket in the backyard, because the cotton and down are biodegradable.

“This collection fills a void that we found in the parka category,” explains Kristoffer Ulriksen, category managing director for Urban at Helly Hansen. “All the finer details of every jacket, from the repair kit that comes with it, to instructions on how to repair and throw the jacket, and to our choice not to apply a coating to the outside of the fabrics, are a direct response at our work with professionals who explore and work in the most remote areas of the Arctic. ”

Further additions to the Arctic Patrol collection include the Arctic Patrol Down Parka, filled with 320g 80/20 600 filling factor responsible Combination down, PFC-free DWR on a durable outer fabric, and easy-to-replace zippers, if repair after long years of use would be needed . Finally, the Arctic Patrol Parka comes with a snow skirt, reflective details for safety, an uncoated cotton polyester fabric with PFC-free DWR, and a built-in but easy-to-remove balaclava for the worst weather conditions. All jackets in the Arctic Patrol collection will be available in sizes XXS to XXL to give a good fit for both men and women.

For more information about Helly Hansen’s latest collections, visit www.hellyhansen.com

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