Giorgio Armani – PRIVE’


Realism, a distinctive trait within Giorgio Armani’s style, always filtered through his personal vision and interpreted through refined art, is a constant presence in a collection that arises from the need to give new space to sparkle and frivolity, offering an escape into dreams and creativity. The way it was in the 1920s. Here distilled by an ineffable capacity for synthesis, the aesthetics of that decade reverberate in the figure of a strong-willed, independent and brilliant woman: pétillant, just like Tamara de Lempicka. Echoes of her rebellious elegance are felt in the succession of silhouettes first minimal and linear, then voluminous and evanescent, and in the individual way they are worn. Sophisticated, elongated jackets are adorned with embroidery; trousers embrace curvilinear shapes to then tighten at the ankle; long strapless dresses are gleaming and almost weightless. References to the Eastern world abound on surfaces and in details, while the optical motifs on day suits are broken up by splashes of bright colour that ignite the palette of whites, blacks and blues with hints of intense blues and pinks. The light refracted by the embroidery takes over in a persistent magical movement that sends a message of pure feminine energy.

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Fall Winter 2022/2023
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