Dario Cage and Fabiano Roberto are combining the notorious Neapolitan pizza with their innovative recipes, generating unforgettable experiences.
After a working experience in newfangled London, they decided to return in the native land, to create an exquisite match between traditions and modernism.
In between ancient allies in the old district of the beautiful Naples, it’s possible to find their latest innovations, like the pink mixture, which from the base get enriched with beetroot and Campari, delighting our palate and showing us their ability to create alternative and tasty products.
And even more with special pizzas like the “Toscanaccia” made by wild boar sausage, biological Marruca honey, mint, pink pepper, cheese cream and Fior Di Latte.
More then the art and the innovations, Fiorebianco offers us the best raw material, coming from Campania region and some other Italian high quality products like extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany.


In conclusion, it’s simply a pleasure to see how this guys made the most from their experience abroad, and decide to bring their innovations and flavors in a product which is already highly appreciated in the world, like the Neapolitan pizza.

We had the pleasure to try their creations ….. we strongly advice you to go as well.

You’ll find them in Via Arenaccia 187, in Naples.

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