To celebrate the close of its fifth decade, Etro brings together 50 years of collected love with a massive installation in Milan’s Palazzo del Ghiaccio under the theme Dandy Detour – a deep dive into the intimate life of the Etro Man.


The Dandy invites you into his home on a journey through his private life and collected memories. The world-wise Dandy is a curious and complicated man. He’s a fervent traveller with a strong connection to his roots: a bubbling mix between David Bowie and Bruce Chatwin with a splash of Epicuro thrown in for good measure. He’s a character that encapsulates the true Etro man: wild, but intellectual; soft-spoken but bold. The Dandy’s home is a monument to his eclectic life – an accumulation of the collections and curiosities picked up on his wanderings across the globe. As you walk along the winding path of his private domain, touch, interact and feel at home as you travel deeper into his environment. You’ll meet Etro’s friends and confidantes who have shaped the brand over the past 5 decades. Sit down, chat and learn their stories. Each room you encounter speaks to a different tenet of the Dandy’s essence. You’ll hear stories, break bread or while away the hours in tranquil repose.

Materials for Fall are characteristically decadent, with an intense focus on the translation of tapestry and carpet-making methods to the garment, resulting in superlatively rich textiles. From this study, a new visual language begins to emerge. Block-like prints can be traced back to Navajo weaving, Persian textiles and Celtic tapestries are reimagined on wool coats or evaporate, degradé-like on parkas and bomber jackets. Jacquard is used heavily: on graphic wool blazers and long coats adorned with winding foliage. Velvet – lightweight but substantial – is brightly colored and printed. Corduroy, too, creates luxuriously thick trousers in a range of bright hues. Gingham shirts are fabricated with sustainable eucalyptus fibers and feel as soft to the touch as pure cotton. Canvas is used on workwear-inspired coats that have been handworn and degraded to according to the Japanese aesthetic principle of Wabi-sabi.


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