Enjoy unforgettable Eid moments with OPPO Reno3 Pro and Enco W31 Headphones

Eid al-Fitr is a special time for families and friends to celebrate and create memories that last a lifetime. Because it’s unforgettable moments, make this occasion so unique to everyone in the region, OPPO Reno3 Pro is here to help you capture each and every memory this Eid so that you continue to enjoy it for years to come.

Featuring its advanced 64MP Zoom Quadcam, the latest OPPO Reno3 Pro is an ideal gift that delivers an unparalleled smartphone experience.

Give the music-lover in your life the perfect gift this Eid with the amazing OPPO Enco W31, offering the industry-leading sound quality and highly synchronized audio for an immersive listening experience.

OPPO Reno3 Pro

If you’re looking for that perfect smartphone with exceptional photography features and superb gaming experience, OPPO has it all in one.

Whatever you’re doing, whether it’s staying under the sun or gathering with your family for Iftar, OPPO Reno3 Pro brings photography to a new level. With its 64MP Zoom Quadcam, Ultra Steady Video 2.0, 44MP Dual Front Camera with Ultra Night Selfie Mode, this impeccable smartphone delivers an outstanding photography performance and allows you to capture clear images under any daily life scenarios.

Great memories are meant when you spend time with your loved ones. The Ultra Steady Video feature provides two modes for different life scenarios, respectively, allowing you to record all your favourite moments in steady and clear videos.

Reno3 Pro empowers users to see more in the dark. For the first time, OPPO has added its Ultra Night Mode feature in the front cameras. As taking a selfie at night is popular amongst young explorers, Ultra Night Selfie Mode guarantees clarity and brightness, even in low light conditions. Ultra Dark Mode on the Reno3 Pro’s rear camera makes taking photos in the dark so easy.

Famously known for its captivating smartphone designs and patterns, OPPO has carried the legacy forward with the Reno3 Series. Inspired by the natural skylights, Reno3 Pro comes with two stunning back colours, Auroral Blue and Midnight Black, which echo the beauty of nature.


The OPPO Reno3 Pro with 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM, 64MP Zoom Quadcam, 44MP Dual Front Camera with Ultra Night Selfie Mode, and Super AMOLED Display, is available for AED 1,899 only. The smartphone is available on OPPO Official Website, and e-commerce partners’ online stores at Noon and Amazon.  

OPPO Enco W31 Headphones

Unleash the power of music this Eid, with the stunning audio capabilities of OPPO Enco W31 Headphones. As OPPO’s first wireless audio product in the Middle East, Enco W31 Headphones are the ultimate gift for the audiophile, with highly synchronized audio and industry-leading sound quality to make everything – from your favourite song to movie soundtracks and even phone calls – sound exactly as you imagine it.

Enco W31 Headphones feature an optimized audio experience, tailored specifically to meet the demands of active users. In addition to IP54 dust and water resistance, the headphones feature binaural low-latency Bluetooth transmissions and dual-microphone noise cancellation during calls, amongst numerous other exciting features.

The ergonomic in-ear design provides users with a perfect fit to further enhance audio, while an immersive experience is guaranteed through the use of leading technologies and materials that ensure a resounding treble and deep, powerful bass, with balance mode and bass mode available to offer audio personalization. 

And of course, voice calls are received with unparalleled clarity, as if you were speaking face to face. An environmental noise cancellation algorithm and anti-wind noise chamber cancel out noisy surroundings, while OPPO Enco W31 Headphones also feature technologies to distinguish users’ voice and transmit it clearly, blocking out all surrounding noise.

Oppo Enco W31 has recently been recognised with the renowned Platinum A’ Design Award in the Digital and Electronic Devices Design Competition Category. Platinum A’ Design Award is a prestigious award given to top consumer electronics designs that have accomplished an exemplary level of perfection in design.


OPPO Enco W31 Headphones are available in white on OPPO’s official website, Noon.com, and OPPO’s official distributors for only AED299. Consumers will be able to purchase the headphones exclusively on Noon until May 20th.

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