FALL-WINTER 2022/2023

For the Fall-Winter 2022/2023 season Emerging Talents Milan brings together global design talents to present collections with sustainability, craftsmanship, and innovation. Driven by passion, joy, and the invention of brilliant creative minds, we become part of fascinating theatrical performances together once again in Palazzo Visconti.

We take pride in every show and collection presented through our platform as it helps fashion professionals to experience the eternally elegant style of designers, whose extravagance is as legendary as their taste in art and fashion.

Runway Show Fall-Winter 2022/2023 Collections

February 23, h. 17.00

Palazzo Visconti – Via Cino Del Duca, 8, Milan


@vitorzerbinato | www.vitorzerbinato.com.br

After his debut on September 21, 2021, with the “Do Fundo do Mar” collection, Brazilian designer Vitor Zerbinato returns to Palazzo Visconti di Modrone with the show produced by the creative platform Emerging Talents which seeks to highlight new designers and stylists for the European fashion market. 

Studio 54” Collection

Influenced by the irreverence, freedom, and sensuality that permeated the exclusive events at Studio 54 in New York between the 1970s and 1980s, for this Fall – Winter 2022/2023 Vitor brings the carefully studied volumes in taffeta, snakes that crawl through the sexy tailoring together with tulle and feathers that move your pieces.

A collection made to dance at any VIP party on the planet!

Since he was little, Vitor Zerbinato had a deep connection with fashion, which was noticeable in the various clothes he created for his sister’s dolls when he was still a child. At the beginning of his training, the fashion sector was still in its infancy, so Vitor Zerbinato built his career based on the technique of cutting, sewing, modeling and designing clothes in a period when there were no university courses for the segment. Thus, Vitor became a multifaceted artist by mastering all the manufacturing processes to the point that his perfect finish was recognized as one of his main traits.

At the end of the 1980s, Vitor Zerbinato bet on his own clothing brand, Madame X. By merging styles such as punk rock and the romantic, Vitor began to explore the underground fashion universe and from here it is already possible to perceive the emergence of some characteristics that accompany it until today.

Over the years, the concepts worked by Vitor Zerbinato no longer fit the style of Madame X, so, after 20 years, he changed the name of his brand to his own name when signing the collections. The pieces under the name of Vitor Zerbinato have striking and luxurious features in which the perfect lines and shapes are made to enhance the female body with elegance and sensuality.

Born in Piracicaba, in the interior of São Paulo, Vitor Zerbinato lived for many years in São Paulo and currently divides his time between Mogi das Cruzes/SP, where his studio and the brand’s factory are located, and the city of São Paulo. In addition, the brand has been internationalizing itself, participating in events such as the Arab Fashion Week show in Dubai and Emerging Talents Milan, and making the purchase of its collections available through a multi-brand store in Milan, a showroom in Paris, in addition to sales in Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt.


@cristinabeautifullife | www.cristinabeautifullife.com

Cristina Beautiful Life is not another brand name, she lives among us, she is one of us. The love for fashion and designs, the passion for life, but also everything that makes our life more beautiful led us to imprint all the things that we love and make us better people onto our clothes.

Images and patterns from trips, feelings that jump out from our favourite tunes, the aftertaste of a movie, everything is there, designed in our clothes.

The Cristina Beautiful Life Collection emphasizes in clothes with boho style, vintage aesthetics but at the same time having a trendy “in-fashion” mood. Our collection tries to pair the “Coachella Girl” side by side with the “Chic Lady”, and vice versa. It’s not only about the designs or the fabrics. Mostly. It’s about the love and devotion that we show on every cloth that we make. From the very beginning of design until the final cut, we monitor with special care every step of the production till we are 100% sure that we meet the quality standard and aesthetics that we desire; and that’s a statement.

The Cristina Beautiful Life Team | #LiveYourBeautifulLife

Shoes by Salvatore Caputo | @salvatorecaputoshoes | www.salvatorecaputoshoes.com


@simacollezione | www.simacollezione.com

For the first time ever, Sima Collezione unravels to the world a preview showcase from her 50 exclusive, high style, evening wear dress collection. Her passion and heart and soul have merged to create an exclusive line. For the first time ever, Sima Collezione is bringing all the positive forces of nature into her one-of-a-kind evening wear collection. Each of her dresses exemplifies a theme that encompasses the essence of love, peace, hope, faith, kindness, and charity! She has blended beauty with heart and soul! Her dresses celebrate the ultimate elegance, glamor, class, and integrity. Each dress is unique and different yet at the same time cohesive to her theme. Each dress represents a deeper essence in nature and divinity. They are truly a work of art. They have all been created by solid silk fabrication and have been embellished with Swarovski Jewels!

Red Dress The Theme of the Red Dress exemplifies Love, Compassion, and The Eternal Goddess Within You. The Red infinity signs on the bottom of the dress further represent that love and compassion will always remain infinite.

Purple Dress The Theme of the Purple Dress is the Queen Of Jewels! Your inner light will shine like Royalty!

Gold Dress The Theme of the Gold Dress is Golden Glamour. A Glamorous Golden Gift with Arrays Of Bows!

Silver Grey Dress The Theme of the Silver Grey Dress is about a Black and White Princess walking down with Black Feathers!

Orange Dress The theme of the Orange Dress exemplifies the power of being Fierce and Bold. It is about the Lion within you! The power of Strength and Confidence.

Green Flower Dress The theme of the Green Flower Dress is about Green Flowers cascading down a luscious field of Green.

Princess Blue Dress The theme of the Princess Blue Dress is about a Cinderella Story! Happily Living Ever After is Alive and Well! We can all strive to live happily ever after in our lifetimes.

Black Dress The theme of the Black Dress is “My Signature Dress”

Red Diamond Dress The theme of the Red Diamond Dress is when you are playing the game of cards in your life, are you the Queen of Red Diamonds or the Queen of Black Diamonds.

White Bright Dress The theme of the White Bright Dress is a Celebration Dress! It is bringing to the world, light, beauty, integrity, and Positive Consciousness to all the Women around the Globe!

The mission of Sima Collezione is to empower women by bringing out each woman’s inner beauty and light. Each sale will help another woman in need through the brand’s charity!

Sima’s dream is to empower all the women in the world and hopes all women stand as beacons of love, faith, hope, and soldiers of light in our new world! She wants to build positive consciousness for women all around the globe.


@dobrzanska_couturehouse | www.dobrzanska.eu

History, femininity, mystery, daring and a hint of wildness are embodied in these elegant hand-stitched works of couture, offering 21st-century women to show the strength of their personality without forgetting their heritage.

DOBRZANSKA delivers modern, wearable visions from another age. Handmade and rich in legacy from its bold patterns to its fabric choices and techniques.

This brand pays homage to Inese’s grandmother Nelly, a strong matriarch who taught her to appreciate the fine arts in dramatic performance, luxury craftsmanship, and history.

An experience can only be lived once, like a night at the opera or a knowing smile exchanged between strangers in a gallery. Each piece is unique in its design and fabrication, with no reproduction or copies.

DOBRZANSKA’s embroidery is inspired by Art Nouveau architecture and jewelry, combining fluid floral lines and the embellishments of rich antique gold and silver adornment. The organic forms found in nature were abstracted into sophisticated and flowing motifs, in an ethereal blend of patterns and human profiles.

All embroidery works of this collection were intended as wearable “objet d’art”, with high attention to detail and material selection. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, they convey a slower, more thoughtful, approach to the crafting process.

We use a variety of materials for the base of our embroideries, including lace, fuller, organza, silk fabrics, and felts which are topped with crystal, beads, trims, threads, and sequin patterns. Despite being embroidered, each piece of embroidery was designed as jewelry, embedded into the cloth, providing a certain stateliness to the collection.

It is always a joy for us to play and experiment with textures, techniques, and finishes. When combining contemporary and classical methods, such as bead embroidery, applique, smocking, goldwork, luneville, and tambour embroidery, the results are nothing less than stunning. Each technique stands well by itself but together they provide the unique aesthetics found in Dobrzanska collections.

DOBRZANSKA pieces are synonymous with “objet d’art”, and for good reason. Her creations are composed of fragments of famous works, where textures, geometries, colors are collaged together.  In her mind, the shapes, colors, and textures possess a special character she strives to bestow upon her clothing. She perceives her brand as a house of high fashion, constantly exhibiting its sculptures, paintings, and tapestries which are elevated when by a woman’s body.

Glistening crystal, symmetry, strength, and the divine numbers of nature. Inspiration for the DOBRZANSKA knitwear draws upon much more than color and cloth, it is the convergence of a naturalist’s observations and a technician’s know-how. These concepts characterize the inventive, visually satisfying, sometimes organic, approach to design found in all DOBRZANSKA knitwear.

The metaphor of simplicity emerging from chaos is not lost in these designs,from the wool fibers spun to yarn and interwoven to form tightly set patterns, to the adorning bijou which ask questions with each slow sparkle. In some cases, these elements are designed to please the eye in their equilibrium, in others, to instill the sense of an infinite expansion into the realm of the near psychedelic.

The purity of natural sequences takes an important role in all DOBRZANSKA knitwear, lending it a harmony that soothes the soul of the wearer while the regularity of the woven details accents the natural streamlines of the female form. If natural beauty is at work here, perhaps the wearer herself becomes more precious, more valuable?

DOBRZANSKA was conceived during a visit by the lead designer and owner to St. Petersburg, the “Venice of the North”.Memories of her father’s architectural drawings were conjured up and blended with the many hours she spent in appreciation of the treasures of fine art created during this city’s imperial age.

Inese also draws inspiration from her life in Florence where she studied at the Polimoda Fashion School in 2021 and holds a master’s degree in Collection design, learning to express herself through mastery of knitwear and collection design.

Inese’s latest works of fashion are accented with house designs, exploring applications of contemporary bijouterie. The close collaboration with her team of local, talented, dressmakers, embroidery specialists, and printmakers always results in timeless couture.


@maya_seyferth_official | www.mayaseyferth.com

The Collection

Coney Island is a funhouse mirror in which much of America, its psyche and dreams, its brash beauties and troubling realities, stands reflected. Visitors from all over the world were overcome by the scale, spectacle, and opulence of the buildings and grounds as well as the bustle and merriment of its midway and amusements. Upon arriving at Coney Island in the middle of the pandemic with the absence of the fairgoers it felt dazed and different and then I realized that it is the people that made Beauty.

This collection was inspired by my visit to Coney Island before and after the pandemic, the collection is driven by the purpose to create, revolutionize, sophisticated pieces that simultaneously inspire those who wished to stylishly distinguish themselves amongst the crowd, creating pieces that bridge fantasy and reality. The pieces are playful and imaginative, but always made with quality materials and that is Maya Seyferth’s way.

Maya Seyferth intertwines different cultural inspirations in her designs. Maya is a German Designer with Georgian roots and blends powerful feminism expressed in strong colors, creative tailoring and demure yet confident appearance. After having spent years in Hamburg, Paris, and Zurich, the basic idea of taking inspiration from her diverse travels and cultural experiences remains. As a result, her design can be worn for a vast array of occasions, bringing glamour to any style whether it be in

the office, at a festive dinner, or simply out and about.