Don’t call them only jewels

The sculpture jewels of Marina Corazziari go beyond the classic definition of jewel. Her creations are unique pieces of art with a strong character, where is clear Marina’s love for the sea and her artistic taste that ranging from Byzantine to Art Nouveau. Each masterpiece in unique, ranging from a jewel or from a simple stone but both create inner emotions that inspire the creativity of Marina. Every piece, is an harmonious construction between precious and recycled materials. In her creations we can clearly see her inner reality and her conception of beauty that wants to cancel the concept of superficial beauty without soul. There are recurring themes such as butterflies and starfishes: the first are a symbol of freedom and the desire to fly on the wings of fantasy, while the second represent the essence of Marina strictly linked to the sea.

Questions from the interview 

Q: Can you describe in three words your being a designer ? 

A: DNA, freedom and beauty.

“DNA because I am from a family of architects and artists so everything about art flows inside me, everything around me is a source of inspiration and create is my own to express myself.

Freedom because in my creations there is always a sense of freedom, for example my favorite subjects are butterflies.

Finally beauty because is the common thread between everything that can give a feeling of well-being when looked”

Q: How does it works the search on materials?

A: ”My creations are unique pieces, I select materials that arouse something in me. There are antique pieces that I find in thriftshop that transmit me a memory, and there are the stones which colors stimulates my emotions”

Q:What moves you in your work?

A: ”What moves me is the unconditional passion for what I do, always”

Q: Why you choose jewelry accessory?

A: ”My inspiration starts from objects like stones so I immediately think about a decorative ornament for the body. 

Q: A jewel to describe you at the the beginning and one to describe you now ?

A: “My young self is represented by the butterfly and the adult me is represented by the starfish”

Q: From where does your love for the sea comes from ? 

A: ”It is inherent in the name, I was born in a place of the sea and I could never live without it”   

Q: In which way your jewelry is sustainable?

A: ”the materials are all natural and my creations are a union between precious materials such as stones and metals and recycled materials such as ropes and jutes. Working the whole thing myself I am very careful both to the tools to the materials themselves and I care that everything is done in a sustainable way”

Q: In which way do you want to expand your knowledge ?

A: ”I would like to be the head of a very large fashion house for accessories, maybe in Paris. We can call it my dream in the drawer”

Q: What about Bari is in your creations?

A:”There is everything from colors, to enthusiasm to radiance”

Q: What’s your type of clientele?

A: ”They are always original customers with a strong personality who want to stand out”

Q: Among all your professional experiences in exhibitions and events, what is the one that you carry in your heart?

A:”There are two: at the first I was 18 years old and I exhibited at the museum of the grand palais in Paris for the biennial of women, the second a few years ago at the biennial in Venice”

Q: Would you like to do formation for the emerging designers of jewelry?

A: ”I am always available for formation, I have already collaborated with several schools as an expert teacher. Also in Bari we opened a space, the space “art door” which is a forge of artists where we will train”

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