For FW19, DOM REBEL Montreal embraces it’s identity as a visual assertive graphic art company that aims to provoke reactions through the use of bold imagery and art. Now in it’s 16th year, the brand’s latest collection consists of handcrafted colored t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jean jackets, bomber jackets, denim jeans, and joggers. They all act as a canvas for artworks and treatments that are intricately applied by artisans in the company’s workshops in Montreal, Quebec. The FW19 collection uses satire throughout it’s hand-drawn artworks to reference the male ego and all of it’s hedonism and self-destruction, but at the same time we are ambitious and impatient for success. The artworks intend to provoke strong initial reactions from bold colors to nostalgic references of cartoons and celebrities. But they all carry deeper, underlying messages that are left open to interpretation to the audience. DOMREBEL’s unique world uses contemporary style and hand-drawn artworks as vehicles for promoting it’s timeless message of doing more with less.

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