Designer on a mission. Presenting Sustainable Fashion on Earth Day.

I want to establish and demonstrate through my Art that there is no longer the need to use animals, dyes or pillage our natural resources for fashion purposes. We can be glamorous and stylish without destroying and harming nature.

Jose Alexzander Jose is fast becoming one of the most influential designer of his generation.

His calling?

1) Raise awareness to the damage that the fashion industry has made to the environment

2) Try to find remedies and leading by example

Indeed, for the past 3 years all of Jose’s collections have been made of recycled fabrics and 100% recyclable materials.

Born in Panama City, Panama and now residing in Miami, Fl. Jose holds a Bachelor in Art and Digital photography from the Miami University of Art & Design. He professes proudly to be a self-taught sustainable Fashion Designer: “I do not think of myself as an activist, but rather trying to shed light to the contaminants, the waste and bi-products hazards produced by our industry that are highly toxic for the environment.”

His collections have been presented at New York Fashion Week, Atlanta Fashion Week and his latest at Inspire Miami 2019 during Art Basel. They are thought provoking, and a call to action.

Jose will be presenting his newest and boldest collection at The Y.E.S. Project Wednesday April 22nd in Miami. To attend, participate and exhibit contact us. 267 978

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