We are struck, even before the shape, by the color of the objects and when these objects take the form of clothes the color is certainly their soul.

The emotions and sensations experienced in front of the colors of the paintings of a museum or an art gallery, leafing through the pages of the books, retrieving the images of journeys imprinted in the memory or suddenly appearing on the screen in the darkness of a cinema, are often sources inspiration for the colors of a collection.
Creating a collection is to give shape to color by drawing on our feelings to the full, looking for the model as a trace to follow. And suddenly you “feel” che colors, you see the colors, remember where we saw them and sometimes come back to mind a film, a book, a painting, a landscape that take you by the hand and lead you to the destination.

This happened in the brain storming of the early idea of the collection when, in search of the color concept, the images of a film by Bernardo Bertolucci of the early nineties; THE SHELTERING SKY, suddenly they resurfaced in our memory.

The colors of that Africa, masterfully photographed by Storaro, the colors of the blue men, the colors of the desert and its people, the colors of the clothes of the three protagonists were imposed on our attention guiding us to the definition of the chromatic image now on the catwalk.

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