Cividini Fall Winter 2020/21


When during our adolescence we lived through the revolution of the seventies, neither of us would have ever thought that in our future we would have dealt with fashion and, above all, that one day we would go and rummage through our memories to find out aesthetic emotions, iconographic memories, chromatic sensations that characterized our daily life at that time.
It is also unexpected, for how we are and how we design our fashion, always contemporary and focused on today, to go looking for reminiscences of those years, taking up the stylistic features, the taste of color and particular aesthetic elements that defined the contours and characteristics.

We were surprised ourselves, but precisely because children of that restless era we were not able to escape, after having had this nostalgia, the challenge of building a collection that even in reading “à la Cividini” could somehow refer to that time.

Colours, drawings, silhouettes… as we remembered them but mediated by our eye today and by our heritage.

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