CIVIDINI 30th Anniversary

30th Anniversary

A 30-year Heritage that CIVIDINI unveils on the occasion of Milan Moda Donna, bringing the backstage for the first time into the spotlight of the high craftsmanship and artistic value that have always characterized the Maison. Artisans-Artists will show the magical synergy that unites them and that is at the base of every garment that is born. During the fashion show, scheduled Saturday 23rd February at 4.00 pm at the prestigious setting of Palazzo Reale – Sala delle Cariatids, the artisans-painters Anca Maria Ciorlaus and Michele Giannotti, will elaborate live some looks from the Fall-Winter 2019-20 women’s collection, respectively through the Stencil technique and the Serigraphy technique.
CIVIDINI was born in the late 80s as a modern cashmere knitwear addressed to a cultured public, able to reject the hedonistic momentum e consumerism of the period, and appreciate a non-fickle, non-ephemeral fashion but stylistically refined and of high technical and qualitative value.
In less than a decade the intuition of the founders Piero and Miriam Cividini brought the brand to become an icon of authentic Made-in-Italy, faithful to the values of beauty to dress, of the beautifully made, of the handmade, with respect for the people and for the environment. A philosophy that, from the Milan Fashion Week catwalk where it was presented for the first time in the mid-90s, CIVIDINI crossed national borders reaching lovers of quality and refined taste from the Far East to the extreme West.

Numerous projects that have followed over time: HAND MADE, capsules in limited edition of sweaters entirely produced with antique hand looms; WEAR ART, garments hand painted by artisans-artists through different techniques scribes GREEN HERITAGE, the attention to the environment that passes through the use of natural yarns, non-azo dyes, and in-house washings where the disposal of water is strictly regulated; production techniques respectful of the environment and of human work, which enhance the slow processes and the creativity of the results; use of fibers natural high quality, ranging from Cashmere, to Baby Alpaca to Silk.
CIVIDINI celebrates 30 years of continuity, confirming the original intuition which bases its roots in the artistic and artisan tradition of the Bel Paese, from always the emblem of Bel Vestire.



The selection of fabrics is one of the most important stages in the creation of a collection, it impresses the cut of the collection influences the definition of the designs and generally contributes in a decisive way to the final look of the same.
In this collection the love for male fabrics has definitely won every challenge, we fell in love with micro and macro hounds tooth, Prince of Wales fabrics and printed, flannels, cloths, covers and velvets with a masculine flavor.
From the first steps the discussion took place on how to interpret the masculine – feminine and feminine – masculine, but not doing an exercise of fluidity or interchangeability gender but working for a real woman who is not afraid to show her male side without giving up

In the long and animated discussions that, between one sketch and another, between one fabric and another, between one color and another, animate the brain storming that lies behind the choices on the cut and the look of the collection, slowly the slender image of Françoise Hardy has appeared increasingly clear in the years of late ’60, during French May, the kind of woman we were imagining; masculine in clothing but profoundly woman in her way of being.
And here is the miracle that each collection expects to occur; suddenly, the pentagram appears on which to place the notes of the final melody.

The Prince of Wales takes the feminine allure when the jackets are worn to the skin or over the very low carded fur knit or lamé or show their feminine quilt with vertical cuts held by contrasting or colored beams, almost forming origami that stand out on the bare skin.
The black and white Pied de Poule, interpreted as a tailored trousers/ coat, declines its feminine value with the trousers that have the side crossed by cuts kept by slits that let the slender shape of the legs catch their eye.
The look is the same but made of fine wool with an animalier design, worn to the skin, which further emphasizes the androgynous femininity of the whole.

The coat in silk velvet color lime that wraps like a fluid dressing gown, however, has the masculine lure of double breasted lances crossed to the brim by slits that chase each other showing with games of “a see I do not see” the silhouette that hides.
Four cornerstones of the A/W 19/20 where the masculine is declined to the feminine and the femininity is grasped in its entirety with the sometimes mischievous touch of exquisitely feminine details that has always distinguished the CIVIDINI collections.


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