The new FREITAG backpack is the seal of the bag-sized friendship between a used truck tarpaulin and a discarded airbag, and is called the F707 STRATOS.

In addition to giving a new life to used truck tarpaulins, this time the creators of FREITAG one-off pieces from Zurich Oerlikon have decided to give the B-series airbags another chance too. The new FREITAG pop-out backpack takes shape from a fabric born to explode in an emergency and save lives as an airbag. Unfortunately, it didn’t pass one of the many quality controls by a hair’s breadth and was rejected.

Maybe F707 STRATOS will not save your life, but some days for sure it will: because despite the Zen spirit and good intentions sometimes it happens to have your hands full and to need more space, a bigger bag … and quickly! And this is where the F707 STRATOS comes in, the lightweight backpack that can also be carried over the shoulder like a bag and which, if necessary, pulls out all of itself, expanding like an airbag.

While the first choice goods, the perfect airbag, awaits its moment folded inside the steering wheel ready to free itself in case of imminent dangers, our series B goods rediscover the meaning of life without fear of suddenly exploding. It does not save life. It does not make the airbag. But it becomes a bag.

The FREITAG pop-out backpack made of used truck tarpaulins and airbags that have never been used, for light or heavy transport.

backpack with main compartment with zipper closure
it can be carried over the shoulder thanks to the additional strap
compartment with zip closure behind the back for valuables and other secrets
Vs external compartment that can be closed under the truck tarpaulin flap
Materials: used truck tarpaulins, B-series airbags in the original white, pale blue or light pink colors.

Available in all FREITAG Stores, at selected retailers and on

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