Baglioni Hotels & Resorts opens the doors of the Casa Baglioni construction site

Casa Baglioni, the new Milanese hotel of the Baglioni Collection which will be inaugurated in the Brera district by the end of the year, a project signed by the architecture studio Spagnulo & Partners, opens the doors of its construction site during the days of Milan Design Week, transforming itself on the exclusive stage of the IN-BETWEEN art exhibition. Between Art and Design.

The works of four great international artists, Enrico Castellani, Agostino Bonalumi, are exhibited within an exhibition path curated by the Spagnulo & Partners studio that describes the delicate relationship between art and design, already the conceptual matrix of the project for the new Casa Baglioni hotel. , Anne Imhof and Giulio Paolini, from the Stefano Cecchi Trust Collection – Fondo per l’Arte, a collection created by the entrepreneur Stefano Cecchi with the curatorship of Iole Pellion di Persano.

The exhibition sanctions the idea of ​​the interior design that is confronted with the work of art, indicating this dialogue as a method for discovering new languages. A process that leads to a vision of integrated space in which art, design and architecture touch each other and, together, generate a universe of unprecedented signs. With this event, Baglioni Hotels & Resorts and Spagnulo & Partners declare that they fully embrace this creative process, intended as a conceptual prelude to the key themes of the future Casa Baglioni, inspired by the great artistic experience of the avant-gardes of Milan in the 1960s.

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