Did you take the course of Armocromia level 1 and managed to understand what is your reference season? GREAT! Now the time has come to go one step further and go to the next level!

In fact, you cannot access level 2 if you have not completed level 1 before. Because? It is soon explained.

In the Armocromia level 1 online course, you acquire the basic skills to be able to start practicing color analysis on them. Through this course you will acquire the knowledge for:

• Carry out a chromatic analysis on yourself

• Define your color season

• Discover your “friends” color palette

This course is aimed at all people who have tried to understand what season they are on the internet but without having a certain answer, to all those people who want to independently discover the right colors to enhance their natural beauty, to all freelancers who know how important it is to have an excellent personal image.

Many have purchased this course and are finally able to understand what their season is and what “friendly” colors to use and put in the wardrobe to see themselves even more beautiful and valued.

To complete what started in course 1, level 2 has arrived! In this course I have included all the experience gained in the field since I deal with image consultancy and color analysis by transferring you in-depth notions and concrete methods to continue in the discovery of this world. Here you will discover the step by step method that I still use today to carry out the Armocromatic Test on other people and help them find out what their reference season and their color palette is. Through this course you will discover: • How to carry out the achromatic test

• How to create color combinations to build outfits with the colors of the palette

• How to choose the color of foundation, concealers, lipsticks and eye shadows in addition to the right hair color for each sub-season

It’s wonderful to see the joy on people’s faces when they see with their own eyes how, the right color, can really illuminate and enhance them. And now you can do it!

Level 2 of the Armcromia course is aimed at all people who want to do color analysis to other people, to all those who work in beauty salons, beauty salons and hairdressing shops and want to offer an extra service to their customers. , to all colors who want to become color experts and image consultants or, simply, to those who want to deepen what they discovered in level 1.

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