International Fashion Network
Milan Fashion TV is with Roma Fashion TV the Italian branch of the I.F.N. – “International Fashion Network”

I.F.N. is “the first and best distributed Digital TV network of the world” which focus its core business on the “niche” market of “Fashion, Glamour and Luxury Lifestyle”. Our high quality video productions and reportage are used communication and marketing wise by all the major conventional broadcasters and media and brand companies which are the referents for expertise and biggest stake holders of this fast evolving industry’s “niche”.

Our daily activities keeps us busy with exploring the new designers and brands proposal evaluating and examining the items proposed on the market through interviews, products examination, movies, still life productions, consulting or creating commercial campaign for brands and companies in need of a strong and impressive visual communication, corporate movies for brands and companies which need a more glamorous approach to the local and/or international market, advertising commercials, outdoor advertising, fashion and technical photo shoots for us and for the most prominent media player printed and digital present in this market’s target.

The video productions is only one part of the I.F.N.’s involvement in the fashion business scene. During the last 20 years the IFN’s President Manuel Perrotta because of his interactions and networking in the field of communication, fashion and trade he could seed the land for these opportunities that now are a mature fruit sealing bond between Media and Trade through the active involvement within all the major “Fashion Weeks”, “Fashion and Luxury Events” in general and “Fashion and Luxury Trade Shows” from the occidental world (soon also oriental) where we propose and produce events and kermes other than just reporting it media wise. This gives us a complete plethora of choices and tools to better understand what are the global trends and tendencies of the market in order to better advice and promote the “Trade Business Activity” within our worldwide wholesale buyers that constitute the other important part of our business and presence on the market.