A floating multisensory forest

A floating multisensory forest, created as an independent ecosystem on the water of the Darsena di Milano, for a greener city

Floating Forest is a green graft in the heart of Milan, created on the occasion of Design Week 2022. Conceived as an ecosystem with 610 plants and more than 30 different species, it multiplies biodiversity and activates the environmental benefits linked to urban forestation, in connection with other green spaces in Milan.

Floating Forest is also a place for meeting and decongesting everyday flows: an urban device that favors new forms of contact and proximity. A refuge from the hectic life, where you can sit, rest and regenerate. The project will also be a legacy for the city of Milan, which is why Timberland will donate greenery to the regeneration project of the Vettabbia Park – managed by Soulfood Forestfarms Hub Italia, a non-profit organization that facilitates the ecological transition of the territories together with local communities, institutions and businesses – to transform disused land into a productive, complex and stratified agroforestry system, managed according to agroecological principles.

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